8 things to consider as we near the end of 2022

1. Finding your true self is an act of love. Expressing it is an act of rebellion.


2. A sign of growth is having more tolerance for discomfort. But it's also having less tolerance for B.S.


3. Who you are is not your fault, but it is your responsibility. 


4. Procrastination is the refusal or inability to be with difficult emotions.


5. What you hate most in others is usually what you hate most in yourself.


6. To feel more joy, open to your pain.


7. Your mind doesn't wander. It moves toward what it finds most interesting. If you want to focus better, become more curious about what's in front of you.


8. Be careful not to let the noise of your mind overpower the whispers of your heart.


-Cory Muscara on his learnings after spending 6 months meditating with Buddhist monks

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